Deidre Anderson Ministries International (DAMI)

Deidre Anderson Ministries International was born out of a vision and a passion to help people break free of the destructive behavior patterns and cycles that prevent them from fulfilling their divine purpose. Commissioned by God to bring a message of healing, restoration and hope, Dr. D travels throughout the world, compelling and motivating people from all walks of life to fulfill their God-given purpose and maximize their potential.

Her challenging, inspirational messages have impacted thousands of lives, both here in the United States and abroad. Through conferences, workshops, revivals and teaching resources, Dr. D is committed to spreading the gospel worldwide and to helping people apply biblical principles to their everyday lives. She challenges listeners to boldly confront stagnant and unproductive areas of their lives, using God’s word as a weapon to destroy the enemies that have held them captive.

She desires to see people laugh AND cry, shout AND sit in silence…as the Holy Spirit reveals and instructs, cajoles and compels, and pricks the heart of His people to reveal to them every stronghold that stands between them and their destiny. 

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